Manicure and Pedicures

Relax and enjoy your hands and feet being pampered.  Your nails filed and shaped, your cuticles tidied and your feet exfoliated and massaged.  Enjoy a range of Sinful nail polish to choose from or choose a luxury paraffin treatment to sooth and hydrate skin.

Price List

Basic Manicure or Pedicure                                £20.00

This treatment includes the enhancement of nails and cuticles, finished with a colour of client choice.

Luxury Manicure or Pedicure                             £30.00

This includes the basic treatment above and also the enhancement of the skin using, Exfoliation, Masque and Massage routine with aromatherapy oils to bring out the softness in the skin.

Paraffin Wax Treatment for Hands or Feet  £15.00

Warm Paraffin Wax is applied over the area of treatment and left for it to be absorbed by the skin in warm mittens for approx 20 mins.  It increases circulation of blood and opens pores allowing the lubricants of the wax to penetrate and soften the skin.  This treatment is also beneficial for people suffering from Arthritis or other Joint or Muscle pain.


Natural Acrylic Extensions – £40.00

White Tip Acrylic Extensions – £35.00

Nail Art from – £5.00

Gel Polish – £20.00

File & Paint Nail – £6.00

File & Paint Toes – £8.00

French Manicure from – £10.00